e2b teknologies Releases Updated Version of Anytime Collect

e2b teknologies recently released the latest version of its accounts receivables collection software. The updated Anytime Collect 2.0.4 allows users to automate frequent tasks, such as sending emails and past due notices and setting alerts.

Anytime Collect 2.0.4 is designed to help professionals improve the efficiency of their communications with clients by simplifying the process. Users can create alerts using customer account information. The alerts are used to automatically send communications to customers based on pre-determined account events. Professionals can also track outstanding invoices and repeat offenders using the broken promise tracking, which keeps a record of customer payment behavior.

"With the expanded adoption of our Anytime Collect product, our development team has leveraged customer feedback and real world scenarios to make our customers' collections activities even easier," said Lynne Henslee, President of e2b teknologies.

Other enhancements and features of Anytime Collect 2.0.4 include:

  • User-defined calculations using customer account and invoice information
  • Expanded Reason Codes for increased invoice tracking capability
  • Additional information available for inclusion in credit and collections reporting and analysis
  • Improved integration to accounting and ERP business systems

"The new features benefit not only our existing customers but it expands our opportunities for new license sales - especially for smaller companies with limited credit and collections staff who need this type of automation to reduce the order to cash payment cycle for their lean businesses,” added Henslee.