SmartVault and Shoeboxed Partner for a Zero Data Entry Solution

SmartVault, provider of SaaS document storage and sharing solutions, today announced it has partnered with Shoeboxed, provider of solutions for converting paper documents into online data. The two services will integrate, creating a paperless workflow that requires zero data entry.

“Integration of apps and services in the Cloud is the way the accounting profession continues to move, but we know that our customers don’t want to or have the time to figure it all out on their own. This is why we are dedicated to doing it for them - always looking for new and powerful apps that can work together to help firms operate more efficiently, saving time and money.  Our partnership with Shoeboxed further demonstrates our commitment to this effort,” stated SmartVault founder and CEO, Eric Pulaski.

SmartVault and Shoeboxed will offer customers a complete data extraction and document management solution that integrates with QuickBooks. Users scan and upload documents to a secure folder in SmartVault, which Shoeboxed then automatically exports to QuickBooks as transactions. The transactions will also have the original documents attached to them. With the SmartVault Toolbar plug-in for QuickBooks, users can view the attached documents as they browse transactions in QuickBooks.

“Collaboration among these two smart systems is continuing to raise the bar for accounting products—it’s like they built a bookkeeper for me,” said Jason Blumer, Managing Shareholder, Blumer and Associates. “I file the receipt in SmartVault (my digital filing cabinet), then Shoeboxed picks it up, pulls it into my Shoeboxed account and pushes that document right into my accounting program. Shazaam! I didn’t have to do anything but snap a picture of the receipt with my iPhone. Sweet!”

SmartVault uses Intuit’s Anywhere platform, which gives it the capability to sync data with QuickBooks and allows any apps integrated with SmartVault to also sync documents with data in QuickBooks.

The new integrated solution is now available. SmartVault and Shoeboxed both offer free plans for new users to test both services. Current SmartVault customers can get a free Shoeboxed account from the SmartVault portal.