eFileCabinet Releases Advanced Document Management Workflow Module

eFileCabinet, Inc. (www.efilecabinet.com), a provider of paperless software solutions for accounting firms and other professionals, today announced the release of its Advanced Workflow tool for eFileCabinet. This tool permits businesses to move their manual paper-based workflow processes to electronic routing within the eFileCabinet Document Management system, allowing them to be more efficient and eliminate lost documents.

“While the Workflow tool has been a part of eFileCabinet for quite some time, the Advanced Workflow module delivers a more robust and time-saving experience for the user,” said Matt Peterson, President & CEO of eFileCabinet, Inc. “We gathered feedback from our customers across many of the markets we serve and have made enhancements to the entire process to make it more intuitive while adding several features that truly allow the system to automate the transferring of documents from user to user in any business environment.”

Time-saving features include conditional routing to a user or group with custom messaging, the allocating of document permissions to maintain security, the ability to automatically move and/or copy a file to another folder during the workflow process, the opportunity to approve or deny files and view documents right from the Workflow dialogue window, the assigning of document profiles or metadata at the start of the workflow process so data remains with the file, and the capability to preset document retention.