Avalara's Geolocation Engine is Now Integrated into GoPayment

Avalara, cloud-based sales tax automation solution, announced today that its geolocation sales tax engine will now be integrated into Intuit’s GoPayment, an application that allows small business owners to use their mobile devices to accept credit card payments.

GoPayment will use the geolocation technology to calculate the correct taxes based on the location the sale is taking place in. The application will account for city, state, municipal and special tax district tax codes. GoPayment will use latitude and longitude coordinates to derive the approximate location of the sale and will then record and report all sales and resulting taxes.

“Avalara eases the burden of statutory sales tax requirements by providing a fast, easy way to manage indirect taxes that is as accurate and affordable for small and mid-size businesses as it is for large corporations,” said Scott McFarlane, Avalara founder and CEO. “GoPayment users are now able to spend time on what matters most, delighting their customers and growing the business.” 

Merchants’ sales tax information is available for download from the Intuit Merchant Service Center. Users log into the website, select the correct state and purchase the reporting subscription to download a full report of sales taxes for the given period.

Avalara’s geolocation sales tax engine is available now for GoPayment on iOS and Android devices.