Thomson Reuters Announces New Workpaper Management Solution

The recently released Workpapers CS from the Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters recently gives professionals a new solution to manage workpapers and source documents while performing a variety of other tasks.

With the new Workpapers CS, professionals can choose between an on-premise or cloud-based format and can collaborate in real-time, sharing workpapers, comments and notes with colleagues. Users can perform trial balance calculations, link balances to the trial balance, edit financial statements and prepare documents for digital review and processing.

Scott Fleszar, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Tax & Accounting, Thomson Reuters, believes Workpapers CS will streamline the task of managing workpapers, making the process more efficient and organized.

“Workpapers CS represents a shift in how practitioners choose to manage workpapers going forward,” Fleszar said. “Whether the engagement is tax return preparation, an audit, or anything in between, Workpapers CS will do much more of the heavy lifting to centralize information, processing, document management and storage-and collaboration is easier than ever before.”