Sage North America Launches Sage One U.S. for Entrepreneurs

Sage North America unveiled Sage One U.S., its all-in-one business management solution for entrepreneurs. With Sage One U.S., businesses can manage their money and invoices, track projects and tasks, send and receive messages and create reports in one central web-based application.

“We took a very different approach with the development of Sage One U.S. Not only did we leverage our deep expertise in business solutions, but we complemented it by proactively seeking extensive feedback from entrepreneurs and small business owners to determine what it is they needed in a SaaS-based financial management, project tracking and collaboration solution,” said Connie Certusi, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Small Business Accounting Solutions, Sage North America. “Built from the ground up, Sage One U.S. combines the key functions small businesses need, delivering them to the cloud and eliminating multiple systems and duplicate processes that leave room for error. Sage One U.S. helps entrepreneurs get work done and get paid more quickly, allowing them to focus on building and growing their business, and realizing their ambitions.”

Features of Sage One U.S. include online collaboration and simplified accounting processes. Users can use the solution to communicate with other employees within their business, as well as clients. The application allows employees to set up automatic notifications and reminders while keeping track of major projects and tasks. Sage One U.S. also automatically carries out many of the accounting processes, eliminating additional data entry. Once a project has been entered, the application moves it from project to invoice to receipt.

Sage developed Sage One U.S. by enlisting the help of small business owners and entrepreneurs. The company surveyed to identify the features that were most important to entrepreneurs. Sage plans to use feedback from customers to continually enhance the features of Sage One U.S., releasing updates as necessary.

“We met with and had many conversations with entrepreneurs and start-ups and found that for many, accounting software had an overabundance of features that they simply weren’t using or that weren’t helping them be more efficient,” said Mike Savory, Senior Product Manager, Sage One U.S. “What we wanted to do was deliver a web-based solution with features and functionality that they want and need; not what we thought they needed. The result is Sage One U.S., a tool that will provide customers a boost to their business and enable them to manage their business the way they want to with anytime, anywhere access.”