Texas Society of CPAs Uses Social Media to Promote Financial Literacy

The Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants is using various social media channels to spread the message of personal finance management and to promote today as the Fourth Annual Financial Literacy Social Media Outreach Day.

TSCPA and its members are leveraging the power of social media through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and e-mail, to help make a positive impact.

Among the ways the Society is doing so, is celebrating Financial Literacy Month and extending its financial literacy outreach through promoting www.ValueYourMoney.org – a consumer website that features personal finance information categorized by life stages – to a widespread audience.

TSCPA is also encouraging its members to participate in this campaign by directing people to ValueYourMoney.org.

In addition, TSCPA has set up a Texans for Financial Literacy Facebook page, has published articles about the effort in member newsletters, is posting notices on www.tscpa.org and tweeting messages on TSCPA’s Twitter page, and publishing comments on its Facebook and LinkedIn group pages.

Last year, TSCPA reached more than 20,000 people with its social media day financial literacy effort, and anticipates eclipsing that number this year.