AICPA Appoints Senior Vice-President of Strategy, People and Innovation

The American Institute of CPAs recently announced it has selected Lawson Carmichael as senior vice-president for strategy, people and innovation.

Carmichael will be responsible for heading the AICPA's strategic planning activities, as well as managing the Office of Strategy Management and Human Resources team. Carmichael has previous experience with business unit growth, developing long-term corporate strategies and building and sustaining talent. He has worked in several leadership roles at Deloitte, Proxicom and Premier, Inc. Carmichael graduated from Towson University with a bachelor’s in communications and received a certification in Financial Management from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

"I am pleased to welcome Lawson to the AICPA," said Barry Melancon, AICPA President and CEO. "His strong leadership and extensive experience make him uniquely qualified to head our business strategy initiatives and oversee our human capital management."