More Small Businesses are Using Tablets, Reveals Survey

Fifty-five percent of business owners desire to use a tablet or other device in the future, according to the March SB Authority Market Sentiment Survey conducted by Newtek Business Services, The Small Business Authority. The monthly survey polled 1,100 respondents and found that 28 percent of business owners currently use tablets for their business processes and another 45 percent said they plan to purchase one next.

The full March 2012 results showed the following:

"We are surprised, but closely focused on the growth of the tablet as a tool for independent business owners,” stated Barry Sloane, Chairman, President and CEO of The Small Business Authority. Our client base in excess of 100,000 business accounts when surveyed indicated that over 50 percent are utilizing the tablet as one of their several devices for business applications. We are well positioned to serve our clients as the marketplace for tablets and mobile business applications expand."