New Pay-as-You-Go Billing Program is Launched

EMPLOYERS, provider of workers’ compensation insurance and services, recently launched a new pay-as-you-go billing program for small businesses.

PrecisePay is designed to reduce compensation premium payments, while saving time and improving cash flow. Workers’ compensation insurance premiums are based on payroll data, and with the new program, businesses can make smaller payments more frequently, based on the current payroll data each pay period. The smaller premium payments are automatically deducted each payroll period. In addition, PrecisePay customers have access to their account information 24/7. Policyholders can report payroll information and view premium and payroll details at anytime. Other features of PrecisePay include automatic deduction for each payroll period

"PrecisePay is designed to help alleviate some of the pressures of running a small business by increasing efficiency and potentially lowering workers’ compensation related operating costs," said David Quezada, senior vice president, general manager of strategic partnerships and alliances, EMPLOYERS. "EMPLOYERS is committed to constantly finding new ways to better serve and support small businesses so that they can achieve their goals."

The PrecisePay program is available to all new business and renewal accounts. Any businesses interested in enrolling in the program should ask their insurance agents about enrollment.