ezCheckPrinting Gets Enhanced User Interface

The latest update to ezCheckPrinting Software, the check-printing software from HalfPriceSoft.com, a payroll tax software developer, boasts an updated user interface and new installation package designed for mobile and permission-limited computers.

The new update allows users to resize the user interface to fit the screen size of the device being used. In addition, users no longer need access to the computer’s registries when saving settings. This will allow users with limited permissions the ability to save settings for the software using an external file.

“We didn’t want users to be restricted in the type of device on which they could use ezCheckPrinting,” said Dr. Ge, founder of HalfPriceSoft.com. “Today’s business environment changes quickly, especially for small businesses that have to be extremely flexible in order to compete. The new resizing feature enables customers to use our check printing software on different machines simply and easily.”

ezCheckPrinting allows small businesses to print checks on blank check papers using their computer or mobile device and a laser printer, essentially eliminating the need to purchase pre-printed checks or write payroll checks by hand. With the check printing software, business can customize the layout of the checks with the company logo, export and import check data, print multiple checks with one click and print a signature image on checks in four formats. ezCheckPrinting supports an unlimited number of accounts and checks and is compatible with ezTimeSheet, Excel, QuickBooks, Microsoft Money and other accounting software.

The software is available now in both full and trial versions. The trial version contains all the features of the full version. However, checks will print with “SAMPLE” across the front until a full-use license key is purchased. License keys start at $39 for the regular edition and $99 for the network edition.