National Parts Depot Overhauls Accounting System

Tamlin Software Developers and Microtask Consulting, both AccountMate resellers and developers, recently partnered with each other to restructure National Parts Depot's use of its AccountMate software. Restructuring the software would allow the Microtask client to use one system for its manufacturing control and distribution needs.

NPD previously used third-party software with AccountMate for all of its control and inventory needs, instead of an integrated solution. In addition, NPD was using an older version, resulting in a loss of productivity. Microtask managing partner Luis Leon reached out to Tamlin's CEO Linda Bryan to create a solution that would work for NPD and increase their efficiency.

“Most value-added resellers admit they are very hesitant to share information with each other - and are even more skittish about working together,” says Bryan. “Besides the fact that each of us must share our carefully protected intellectual capital, the potential to steal away the customer is certainly an issue. Yet, when the two companies can openly discuss these issues - and trust each other to maintain the highest ethics - the results for everyone can be phenomenal.”

Leon updated NPD's version of AccountMate and implemented Tamlin's Manufacturing Conductor. The add-on program integrates fully into AccountMate's accounting system, giving customers complete control over all of its business operations, including payroll, inventory management and production scheduling.

“This was way more than a kill-two-birds-with-one-stone approach because we all benefitted from the joint Microtask-Tamlin relationship,” says Leon. “Bob Leonard, president at NPD, now has a fully functioning accounting system that addresses all of his needs. Linda wanted to increase her visibility with other AccountMate resellers to joint-venture on projects, and Microtask not only has a very happy customer with NPD; in Linda, we found a great provider and know we will work with her again because the entire effort was so rewarding.”