FUND E-Z and F9 Partnership Enhances Financial Reporting Capabilities for Nonprofit Organizations

FUND E-Z Development Corp., a provider of nonprofit accounting, fundraising and HIPAA billing software solutions, has partnered with F9, independent Infor business unit, to incorporate F9 Professional Version 5 with FUND E-Z Nonprofit Accounting Software. The integration will link the FUND E-Z General Ledger data to Microsoft Excel.

“We are very pleased to welcome FUND E-Z, a leading provider of accounting software for nonprofit organizations as an F9 Partner,” states Wissam Barakat, Vice President, Sales, F9. “F9 offers tremendous options for financial analysis, forecasting, budgeting and planning to maximize FUND E-Z’s Nonprofit Accounting Solutions. Excel users already know the value of spreadsheets in financial reporting. F9 leverages that value by delivering FUND E-Z GL data directly to Microsoft Excel ensuring the users have access to information that is timely, accurate and complete.”

F9 uses a combination of cell formulas in Excel that will allow GL data in FUND E-Z to be formatted into any financial report, eliminating the need for manual entry. After designing reports, users can use the design to create monthly reports with automatic recalculations. Nonprofits will also have the ability to create graphs and tables using PivotTables or PivotChart views.

“F9 takes financial reporting for our nonprofit clients to the next level. Our clients can move to any cell in Excel and easily drop in FUND E-Z data to custom design reports.” said George Marcolini, vice president of marketing for FUND E-Z Development Corporation. “Imagine impressing your board and constituents by opening highly stylized, colorful reports in Excel. You design the report only once, change the reporting period, press F9, and all your numbers update instantly illustrating your current position. Virtually any groupings or arrangements can be formatted and permanently saved.”