BeerRun Software Helps Streamline Brewery’s Process

Ska Brewing used SWK Technologies’ cloud-based software to make its brewing production more efficient.

The Durango, Colo. brewery integrated its information into BeerRun Software, hoping to improve the company’s workflow and productivity. BeerRun is custom designed for the brewing industry and allows brewers to migrate from separate accounting and inventory systems to a fully-integrated system.

“With BeerRun, brewers, filterers and packaging employees enter their own data in real time so that I do not have to spend time doing it” said Sam Ely, Cost Accountant with Ska Brewing. “They are now accountable for their own information. This kind of efficiency keeps me from having to track missing information down days or weeks later when it comes time for end-of-the-month or quarterly reporting.  Everything is captured and stored in BeerRun.”

BeerRun integrates with Ska Brewing’s current accounting software, using information that’s already available, says Ely. The company’s sales orders, beers, ingredients and inventory were imported into BeerRun, allowing the company to access all the needed information from one location.

“We could not have said it better ourselves.” said David Guido, a sales executive with SWK.  “BeerRun helps your entire team run a better, more profitable brewery. BeerRun provides a real-time view of what is happening at your brewery at any moment in time.”