Nevada Fire District Uses AccuFund Accounting Suite to Streamline Payroll Processing

AccuFund recently helped a Nevada fire district overhaul its payroll process using the AccuFund Accounting Suite.

The Central Lyon County Fire Protection District has a unique work shift system which complicates processing and increases the risk for error. However, since implementing the automatic system, the full-service fire district witnessed several benefits, including a decrease in processing hours, the elimination of time cards and the ability to quickly identify and correct errors.

“By implementing AccuFund, we went from using paper time cards to inputting information to a database and generating a payroll report automatically,” stated John Gillenwater, chief of Central Lyon County Fire Protection District. “AccuFund’s reports can show us where any errors are so we can conduct quality assurance. We found one error that was an overpayment of a vendor. Before implementing AccuFund, we would not have found that piece of information.”

AccuFund sent a local reseller to the Central Lyon County Fire Protection District worksite to train the office and accounting staff on the accounting system.

“The folks from AccuFund got down into the heart of the system and explained it to us in a way we could understand,” said Gillenwater. “AccuFund also modified their process to make it work for our unique situation and work very well. There are tools in AccuFund that we can use to simplify every aspect of payroll and our other accounting processes.”