Thomson Reuters to Offer New Audit and Engagement Management Software

The Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters will roll out a new audit and engagement management application, AdvanceFlow, later this year. The new application is designed to work seamlessly with PPC’s SMART Practice Aids, GoFileRoom and GoSystem Tax RS.

The web-based solution uses secure data centers to provide maintenance-free security and access to the application anytime. AdvanceFlow, which is designed for use in large firms, is scheduled to be released in mid-2012. Currently, select partner firms are evaluating a preview version of the software.

“GoFileRoom and PPC’s Smart Practice Aids are already used by the majority of the top 100 firms in the profession. By adding AdvanceFlow, professionals will be able to take advantage of an even more powerful combination of functionality and control for audits and other document management needs,” said Scott Fleszar, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Tax & Accounting, Thomson Reuters. “AdvanceFlow is a great example of the power that cloud-based computing has to remove geographical and technology barriers and allow firms to use information in new, more productive and collaborative ways.”