AccuFund Adds New Web-Based Employee Portal Features

January 6, 2012 - AccuFund, Inc. has added a new version of the Employee Portal with the release of a web-based version of the Employee Time Entry module. A web-based component in the AccuFund Accounting Suite, the Employee Portal is a customizable interface that allows organizations to provide employee access to organizational news and personal information. With the Employee Time Entry module, employees can enter their own time sheets and view, change and print their history of time sheets.

Employees enter their time sheets in Employee Time Entry on a daily basis for a specified time period. Once an employee completes and submits a time sheet, a multi-level approval process begins in which supervisors, department managers and other required approvers review, make any necessary adjustments and approve the time sheet. The approved time sheet is available in the Payroll module in the AccuFund Accounting Suite. Employees can also view their history of time sheets and print a PDF report of their time sheets to a local computer.

"The Employee Time Entry module allows organizations to further empower employees to manage their own data and records," stated Peter Stam, president of AccuFund, Inc. "At the same time, enabling employees to enter their own time information frees up payroll personnel from the time-consuming task of entering time sheets for all employees in the organization."

The Employee Portal provides employees with the organization's public news as well as the ability to login and view private news and information. The Employee Portal can be configured to communicate information and events organization-wide or to individual departments or employees. PDFs of documents can be attached for printing or download.

The Employee Portal can be utilized through an internal network or over the web via an SSL connection. It is a self-contained web server application requiring no additional web server software.

The AccuFund Employee Time Entry module is available with the Employee Portal in both the Standard and Professional editions of the AccuFund Accounting Suite. The cost is based on the number of active employees in the organization.

AccuFund's Accounting Suite is widely used by non-profit, municipal and government organizations.