CPAs Predict Improved Economy for 2012

It may still seem like a recession to many individuals, but economists say we're technically in a recovery now, and many accounting professionals across the nation are starting to see an easing of credit and other positive signs of improved financial strength.

In a recent poll conducted by the Oklahoma Society of CPAs ( and reported in the Tulsa World, more than half of the professionals in that state expect the economy to be stronger over the coming year. However optimistic this may sound, however, the number of optimists in the poll is down to 54.7% this year, from 58.7% who saw the silver lining last year.

Only about 8% of those surveyed thought the economy would get worse, and about 36% expected little change.

The annual survey of CPAs also questioned professional's views on their own firms, job stability, small business factors and other economic issues.

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