Businesses Enhance QuickBooks With Add-Ons

LAS VEGAS – Oct. 23, 2007 – QuickBooks® is used by millions of small businesses, but it sometimes doesn't meet all of their specific needs. Faced with implementing a more expenisve, higher-level accounting system, many are finding another option to be more cost-effective: Add-On programs that fill the niches left by QuickBooks.

The Sleeter Group, the nation’s premier network of QuickBooks consultants has announced its annual selection of “Awesome Add-ons for QuickBooks.” What’s an add-on? Well, add-on programs and services fill the niches left by QuickBooks, improving inventory, time management, invoicing, e-commerce and other capabilities. The programs all integrate directly with QuickBooks and are members of Intuit’s QuickBooks Developer Network.

Dozens, sometimes hundreds of products vie for The Sleeter Group’s ‘Awesome’ label every year. Led by Doug Sleeter, the group is a nationwide community of experts who provide QuickBooks consulting services to small business owners. “We dig deep into a product’s core features, especially user interface, QuickBooks integration and compliance with proper accounting principles,” Sleeter said. “Before we call it awesome, a product must truly distinguish itself in the marketplace.

“Millions of people use QuickBooks because it helps them run their businesses better, and it’s easy to use and learn,” Sleeter said. “So a program or online service designed to add capabilities to QuickBooks has to be just as intuitive and user-friendly.” 

The Sleeter Group’s 2008 Awesome Add-Ons for QuickBooks are:
  • MISys SBM, for enhanced manufacturing inventory control.
  • PDG Commerce, e-commerce shopping cart software.
  • InsynQ e-Accounting, secure, remote access to business applications and data.
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale, software and hardware for small business retailers.
  • UniResMan, front office systems for hotels, resorts, motels, villas and apartments.
  • TrueCommerce Transaction Manager, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities for purchasing and invoicing.
  • Fishbowl Inventory, inventory for distributors, wholesalers and small manufacturers.
  • BillQuick, time and billing software for professional services firms.
  • Adagio FX, advanced financial statements and data analysis tools for accountants.
  • Acctivate, for wholesalers, distributors and light-assembly manufacturers with advanced inventory management requirements.
  • Legrand CRM, customer relationship management for businesses that need to track customer activities.
  • PayCycle, automated low-cost, web-based payroll for both small businesses and their accountants.
  • Cabinet NG CNG Books, comprehensive paperless document storage and retrieval system.
The Sleeter Group is s a nationwide community of experts who provide QuickBooks consulting services to small business owners. Since 1993, it has trained more than 30,000 business and accounting professionals through seminars and conferences. The group also publishes QuickBooks reference materials and textbooks in-use by over 100 colleges in the United States.  More information is available at