PaperSavePlus Honored by Intuit ProAdvisor

MIAMI, Aug 07, 2008 – PaperSavePlus for QuickBooks was awarded an outstanding 9.5 out of a possible ten rating by Intuit ProAdvisor – one of its highest ever ratings for a product review. PaperSavePlus automates the process of imaging and storing source documents into well-known accounting and information systems, including QuickBooks, Blackbaud and Microsoft Dynamics. PaperSavePlus simplifies and streamlines a paperless work environment by providing virtual documents at your fingertips, eliminating offsite storage needs and protecting valuable business information.

The July review by Intuit PROADVISOR defined PaperSavePlus as “spectacular”, with a 9.5 product rating that succeeds at meeting all of its intended users’ needs and has no meaningful drawbacks. PaperSavePlus™ is a document imaging and storage system designed to offer a simple, streamlined and paperless solution to accounting systems. PaperSavePlus™ saves scanned images and electronic documents to QuickBooks. PaperSavePlus is designed to eliminate costly paper filing and to improve efficiencies. Any source document can be found instantly on-screen, within the security confines of QuickBooks.

PaperSavePlus does not require synchronization or special routines to operate. The user can scan and store all business documents without modifying the existing processes and the interface is completely seamless.

“The product is so easy to set up and use I really kept questioning myself to say WHAT’S THE CATCH? There was none.” Susan Gaswirth, ProAdvisor reviewer. She went on to say that “this product is so reasonably priced, it makes document management affordable to everyone”.

“We are particularly pleased at this outstanding independent review of our product,” said Stuart Rosenberg, president of Solutions@MBAF, LLC, the creator of PaperSavePlus. “It makes all the hard work on this product very satisfying.”

To read the review, go to ProAdReview. To learn more about the benefits of going paperless please sign up for a free PaperSavePlus webcast or visit