The ShareVantage Introduces

GREELEY, CO (October 2008) – The ShareVantage, a leading developer of paperless office solutions, has released – a free client portal service that accounting professionals can use to securely exchange confidential files with their clients online.

The solution helps practitioners comply with encryption requirements mandated by privacy regulations and services clients 24/7 using private websites, according to company president and CEO David Selden.

"Online security is a top concern for accountants," said Selden in announcing the new offering. "But it’s a daunting task for practitioners to address all of the online security issues while also responding to client requests for electronic copies of confidential files, such as tax returns and financial statements. Federal and state authorities are motivated to protect consumer information and accountants have security compliance risks, too. What’s more, many of the available security solutions are inadequate or cumbersome to operate. We recognized a need to help accountants supplement their websites with client portals for secure file exchange.”

The secure client portals are powered by The ShareVantage paperless office solution developed by The ShareVantage. The solution features a contact manager with a Private Client Site folder for each client that manages client portal files, Selden said. The user simply inserts files and folders into the Private Client Site and the client has secure access to private documents using a browser. File transfers are protected by privacy-compliant, 128-bit SSL encryption and all authentication processes, including member names and passwords, are managed by the solution automatically.

“Because we’ve serviced the accounting profession for more than 20 years, we also recognized the value of the client relationship and importance of security to the firm. That’s why our solution is hosted by a SAS 70 Type 2 audited data center and our perimeter server security is audited and certified daily by an industry-leading security authority,” said Selden. “We’ve also placed special emphasis on solution security by including file access logs, security padlocks, and security reports. Our portals will even send you email alerts when clients upload or download files in their portals,” he continued.

The ShareVantage was also motivated to provide accountants with a solution that delivers online services for reducing client service loads. “Clients frequently request that confidential files be sent to banks or lenders. Client portals allow clients to retrieve PDF files and securely exchange large files, such as bookkeeping files, anytime,” Selden stated. “More than 35% of client portal activity occurs after business hours, weekends, and holidays. Many firms spend non-billable time fulfilling requests for documents. On-demand services using client portals help reduce non-billable time and improve firm profitability,” he said.

Accountants can sign-up for Free Client Portals by going to The ShareVantage’s website. In only five minutes, a new ShareVantage account can be created, installed, and operational for sharing files securely online. The free account is limited, but can be upgraded at anytime to include additional storage or users for an additional fee. The free account features unlimited client portals restricted only by available storage.

The ShareVantage has been at the forefront of client portal and paperless office solutions since 2003. They service a diverse range of industries, including accounting, financial services, legal, insurance, consulting, software, small business, non-profit and more.

For more information about The ShareVantage, call 1-800-288-9169 or visit: