Engineering-Environmental Management Selects Series4000

DENVER -- The Series4000 suite from Real Asset Management International (RAMI) has been selected by Engineering-Environmental Management (e²M) to manage and track the company's 1,500 assets, while also providing a comprehensive and centralized fixed asset register on which to store and manage data relating to its extensive portfolio of fixed assets.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, e²M has been providing high quality environmental and engineering services since 1989. As an organization with more than 375 engineering and environmental professionals, e²M has built an outstanding reputation for designing and providing innovative and cost-effective science and engineering solutions.

Prior to purchasing RAMI’s Series4000 solution, e²M’s system was no longer able to meet the organization’s requirements for fixed assets. e²M specifically wanted to have the ability to use a scanner, take inventory checks and to automatically upload that information into its system. Additionally, it wanted the convenience and capability to access their database of information from one central source.

After a few months of researching several other fixed asset software systems, e²M chose RAMI due to the look and feel of the layout, user friendliness, as well as the user definability. Ultimately, the organization’s ability to customize and change fields without having to utilize administrative support or the helpdesk, a feature special to RAMI products, will yield less downtown and increase productivity.

Once the system is fully implemented, e²M plans on using the Series4000 product suite to its fullest extent, including the utilization of the purchased MC35 handheld scanner. Additionally, once the system is updated, e²M will import current data into the new system and will be able to more accurately depreciate items, track office leases and produce payment schedules, saving a significant amount of time.

Following the decision to upgrade its capital accounting system, Series4000 will ultimately provide a centralized and fully automated means of accurately storing and managing all fixed asset data, increasing efficiencies and reducing running costs.

About Real Asset Management International
Real Asset Management International (RAMI) is a leading provider of fixed asset management solutions with over 3,000 successful implementations in more than 70 countries. Our solutions enable you to choose the optimal accounting strategies for your organization.

The Series4000 product suite consists of 10 comprehensive modules and incorporates depreciation, federal and state tax, asset budgeting and forecasting, lessee asset accounting, capital project control, document management, inventory control, asset tracking, helpdesk support and maintenance management.

With offices in the United States and United Kingdom and resellers in South Africa, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, RAMI’s products and services are designed to meet the requirements of both private and public sector organizations and can accommodate multi-national (multi-location) and single-site companies. We secure your assets and simplify your asset management and accounting practises while offering you a real global view.

RAMI believes that it is uniquely placed to assist in and address any asset management related issue today. Its solutions provide finance teams with the necessary tools for reporting accurately on both asset and inventory items, preparing detailed forecast reports and simplifying the process of tracking assets. RAMI continually strives to keep abreast of developments within the sectors in which we operate, while consistently delivering software that keeps our customers ahead of emerging technological innovation.