Real Asset Management Opens West Coast Office

SAN FRANCISCO – Real Asset Management International (RAMI) has announced that it will open a new office in San Francisco on May 25 to support current customers and future business development. This will be the first office on the West Coast and the third U.S. location for the global company, which also maintains offices in Boston and Des Moines, and in London, England. RAMI develops commercial and public sector software for managing fixed assets, including tracking, inventory, depreciation, maintenance, transport and logistics.

The company has experienced considerable growth in the West, according to Marcus Scholes, Vice President of U.S. Operations for RAMI. “With a growing number of important customers in the region, the new office will strengthen our ability to provide local support for existing clients, as well as to respond to an increase in interest from companies along the West Coast.”

To accommodate the international nature of many West Coast organizations, the San Francisco office will provide extended helpdesk and service hours to support the Pacific Rim market. The new office is located on California Street in San Francisco's financial district, which Scholes says is ideally suited to serving the company’s diverse client base.

RAMI’s software is used by organizations to manage their asset bases, which collectively are often one of the largest investments an entity makes. RAMI’s flagship Asset4000 provides GAAP and IFRS compliant accounting, depreciation and budgeting capabilities for public and private businesses, as well as reporting capabilities for maintaining tax and SOX compliance. Asset4000 is also widely used by public sector and non-profit entities, with options available for GASB compliance.

Other programs offered by RAMI enable unified asset management across an organization, allowing entities to consolidate asset registers from IT, maintenance, accounting and other divisions. This provides greater accountability and asset location awareness, as well as stronger fiscal control and enhanced maintenance management functions.

“In this period of economic challenge, the move to more accurate and effective asset management can be invigorating to a business,” according to Scholes. “RAMI’s solutions can help strengthen an organization’s finances by providing essential short-term cashflow benefits, as well as positive longer term advantages with regards to workflow processes, security and disaster management preparation.”

Real Asset Management International (RAMI) is a provider of fixed asset management solutions with over 3,000 successful implementations in more than 70 countries. Our solutions enable organizations to choose the optimal accounting strategies.

RAMI's market leading Series4000 range integrates virtually every aspect of fixed asset management. The suite consists of 10 comprehensive modules and incorporates depreciation, federal and state tax, asset budgeting and forecasting, lessee asset accounting, capital project control, document management, inventory control, asset tracking, helpdesk support and maintenance management.