NetSuite Announces New Financial Planning Module

From Press Release:

SAN MATEO, Calif. – June 10, 2009 – NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), a leading vendor of on-demand, integrated business software suites for mid-market businesses and divisions of large companies, today announced plans to offer a new Financial Planning module to complement NetSuite’s leading on-demand accounting / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Ecommerce capabilities. NetSuite with the new module will give companies of all sizes, cost-effective and timely access to highly sophisticated planning and “what if” modeling capabilities typically only available to large corporations willing to invest millions of dollars and months, if not years, implementing on-premise enterprise software.

With NetSuite and the new Financial Planning module, companies have at their disposal an end-to-end business management solution to support the business from strategy, to planning and execution in real-time. Unlike costly and cumbersome on-premise enterprise solutions, the Financial Planning module for NetSuite provides dynamic, real-time drill-down from top level results enabling users to review plan vs. actual variance, isolate the organization responsible for the variance, and drill down into the actual transactional details contributing to the variance. These product features can help companies streamline business processes, improve financial agility, strengthen collaboration and the ability to drive better-informed, strategic decision-making.

“With this new Financial Planning module, NetSuite fills a gap in the business performance management landscape,” said Michael Fauscette, GVP Software Business Solutions at IDC. “Available on-premise tools come with higher overhead, while spreadsheets offer little benefit when it comes to collaboration across a distributed organization. With the new Financial Planning module, NetSuite delivers strategic visibility to organizations that will help them change the way they do business.”

“By implementing NetSuite and the Financial Planning module, we have been able to link together strategy, planning and execution,” said James Jones, Director, Financial Planning and Analysis, KANA Software. “We can continuously monitor actual performance while rapidly analyzing multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios, which allows us to be far more nimble and effective in making both tactical and strategic decisions.”

“Companies who make rapid, well-informed decisions, and execute with discipline, win in the market place,” said Jim McGeever, CFO of NetSuite. “By delivering sophisticated business management, planning and modeling software via an on-demand model, we are providing midsized companies and divisions of large corporations with a set of capabilities previously reserved for elite enterprises. In so doing, we’re not only helping to make our customers more productive, but we’re also enabling them to more effectively compete with – and in many cases outperform – their larger rivals.”

Real-Time Business Performance Management at a Fraction of the Cost of Enterprise Software Alternatives
With NetSuite and the new Financial Planning module, mid-sized companies and divisions of large enterprises have a cost-effective alternative to the high price tag of on-premise enterprise solutions and the chaos of multiple spreadsheets thanks to a Software as a Service (SaaS)-based delivery model, relatively quick implementation timelines and ease-of-use that empowers the business user rather than requiring specialized IT skills. And best of all, businesses can get strategic value by having a single source of data and metrics delivered in real-time, enabling better decision making.

Best-in-Class SuiteCloud Integration
Developed via NetSuite’s SuiteCloud development platform to integrate NetSuite with Adaptive Planning’s on demand software, the new Financial Planning module is a strong example of the innovative software solutions that can result from collaborative partner development activity and a robust development platform such as NS-BOS (NetSuite Business Operating System), a component of SuiteCloud.