Build Your Firm Launches

MADISON, CT, July 7, 2009—Build Your Firm, a full-service practice development and coaching business for accountants, announced today the launch of their new directory-based website The website is a content-based website for small business owners seeking information on accounting, tax, and small business management issues. The beta version of the website is currently live for the Chicago market.

“We designed the website to become a valuable resource for small business owners struggling with accounting, tax, and business management issues,” stated Hugh Duffy, Chief Marketing Officer for Build Your Firm. “In researching the marketplace, we learned that small business owners wanted something more than just a directory of accounting firms that was nothing more than an electronic telephone book. We want to ensure that visitors to have the relevant information they need in one location, including helpful articles, financial tools, and a directory of accounting professionals that we are familiar with.” provides a rotating library of current information for the end user, including articles on such topics as tax break tips and estate planning. The site also provides financial tools such as tax due date reminders, track your refund, and retirement planning calculators, and an easy Getting Started menu that guides users on how to select, meet, and work with an accountant.

“We designed the site to be as intuitive as possible,” stated Duffy. “The robust Quick Search feature allows users to submit queries to quickly locate accounting firms in their area that meet their specific business needs.”

The AccountingMatch system is set up so that accounting professionals can provide small business owners with more information about their accounting practice prior to the initial consultation. This ensures that prospects have enough information to make an informed decision about which accounting firm is best for them, and provides participating accounting firms with higher quality prospects. was launched in June 2009. Build Your Firm plans to launch the site in five additional markets by the end of 2009.

About Build Your Firm
Established in 2003, Build Your Firm is dedicated to the tax and accounting profession. Build Your Firm works with accounting professionals all over the United States to help them learn how to market, price, and sell their services. The firm’s proven accounting marketing system helps accountants acquire business clients with ease, operate at higher hourly realization rates and profit margins, and achieve true work-life balance. For more information on Build Your Firm, visit