Smart WebParts Announces Launch of Smart Time Web-Based Time Capture & Entry Technology

Smart Time, a New Product for Timekeeping Professionals, Increases Billing Revenue for Legal, Accounting and Consulting Firms

Los Gatos, CA– September 15, 2009…Today, Smart WebParts officially releases Smart Time, a web-based on-demand time capture and entry system that helps timekeeping professionals such as lawyers, accountants and consultants construct and recoup their billable time with ease and accuracy. The software provides timekeepers a detailed journal of their daily work activities, answering the question: “What did I do today and is it billable?”

Since Smart Time finds missed or leaked time that may not otherwise get billed, it actually increases a firm's billable hours and profitability, rapidly yielding a positive return-on-investment.

Smart Time searches network applications used by the timekeeper, such as Exchange, document management systems, VoIP switches, and BES servers. Then, timekeepers can assign project or matter codes to time entries and export transactions to their accounting system. Smart Time’s relationship engine learns which phone numbers and e-mail addresses correspond to which projects and matters, so it becomes increasingly self-sufficient. View Smart Time Features List.

Web-based Smart Time has a zero footprint on the desktop and requires only an IIS web server. Smart Time is sold via annual subscription based on the number of timekeepers at the firm, starting at $17,500 per year, and can be purchased directly from Smart WebParts or through a Certified Reseller.

Karen Chin, partner of B2B CFO®, serves as outsourced CFO of Virtual Law Partners which has successfully implemented Smart Time. She says, “If you don’t record and bill time, you can’t collect it. Many professional service firms shortchange themselves because they capture time long after it was worked, or not at all. With Smart Time, they can find time buried in emails, phone calls and meetings. While all may not be actually billable, the timekeeping process is greatly simplified because they can affirm the entries rather than creating them from memory. Smart Time is an application that is long-awaited and greatly needed by professional services firms.”

According to Todd Gerstein, co-founder and CEO of Smart WebParts, “Smart Time solves a major problem that has vexed timekeeping professionals for years: booking and billing eight hours for eight hours of work. Smart Time improves the accuracy, completeness and velocity of time entry.”

About Smart WebParts
Smart WebParts, LLC ( was founded in 2009 by Steve Bronstein, owner of Front Office Team, and Todd Gerstein, founder of Legaltec. Each partner has over 25 years of experience in providing the legal industry with technical resources for accounting, practice management, and business process improvement. The company’s flagship product, Smart Time, is a web-based, on-demand time capture and entry application that helps firms effectively collect, track and recoup billable time, thereby increasing revenue and profitability. The company is based in Los Gatos, California.