cPaperless Announces the Release of CPA SafeMail Version 2.0

DALLAS – cPaperless, LLC ( announces the release of CPA SafeMail Version 2.0, which is being dubbed the first “email Portal” or “e-Portal.” The application is a sophisticated yet easy to use bi-directional document exchange solution designed to keep accounting firms in compliance with breach of privacy laws. But it’s different because it combines the best of secure email systems and client portal solutions into a single application that runs right inside Outlook. The system allows you to send encrypted email attachments, send and receive large files (like QuickBooks), receive secure documents from your clients and even store documents online.

Why CPA SafeMail:
“Client Portals have been one of the biggest buzz words in the industry lately. Portals provide a variety of features, but secure document exchange with clients is by far the biggest portal requirement. In fact, in a recent CPA Technology Advisor webinar, a polling question asked the attendees how they envision using a client portal. Not surprisingly, secure file exchange was the most important feature for 77.6% of the responses. But client portals have proven to be expensive, difficult to implement, hard to train staff on, take a lot of management time and a vast number of clients simply won’t adopt the systems. And the document exchange features of a portal – the most important features - are usually the most complex and cumbersome to use. This complexity leaves many firms and their clients frustrated, and leaves firms wondering why only 30% of their clients use their Portal,” said Steve Dusablon, CEO, cPaperless LLC. “The reality is that many clients simply want their documents emailed to them. With CPA SafeMail, now you can.”

How It Works:
CPA Safe Mail is comprised of two integrated components. Staff users can perform all their work right from within the Outlook plug-in. They can send large files, or they can automatically password protects and encrypts email attachments sent through their standard email. This powerful plug-in also incorporates many (and much needed) accounting specific PDF features. It will convert Word and Excel files to PDF on-the-fly, and will combine, bookmark and restrict them (like view only) as well. You no longer need to manually convert files to PDF or manually encrypt them, and the system keeps track of your client’s passwords for you. Only the Firm Administrator needs to access the Web Based component (SaaS) of the system to configure and manage their account. The Automated Password Manager (APM) resides on the web and stores and manages all your users and their passwords. Clients can send large files through the client drop box.

Ease of Use:
CPA SafeMail is easy to use because it is specifically designed for accountants and uses a common technology that everyone understands, email. If you know how to attach a document in a program like Microsoft Outlook, you already know how to use CPA SafeMail. When asked about V 2.0, Andrew R. Hatfield, VP of cPaperless, LLC said “We are about building accounting centric products for real-world implementation, usage and adoption rate success. Simply put, document exchange systems need to be much easier for firms to manage and clients to use. The ease of use for end users is at the core of the new features released in CPA SafeMail. The trick is to make document exchange compliant and secure but also easy and efficient. Firms and clients need minimum learning and management curves to be successful. CPA SafeMail continues to be developed as a user friendly application that is built from the accounting firm perspective with real accounting firms leading the development strategy. Our ideas come directly from our clients and that’s why the market reflects our real-world product models." Pricing is as low as $8.33 per month.

About cPaperless LLC:
cPaperless ( provides enhancement tools for the paperless world. Their products create efficiency by automating manually intensive processes in commonly used applications like Outlook and Adobe Acrobat. cPaperless also provides Tic, Tie and Calculate - the industry leading Adobe Acrobat plug-in designed for accountants.