Thomson Reuters Adds New Workflow Management Tools to GoFileRoom

ANN ARBOR, Mich., September 16, 2010—The Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters has released new functionality for its GoFileRoom® application, enabling it to play a more proactive role in firm management and workflow. A new homepage-style interface allows users to customize the display of information, and a new notification module intelligently monitors the firm’s workflow, allowing firm managers to create rules and reminders to more effectively manage workflow, staff utilization, and overall firm productivity more effectively.

GoFileRoom’s new interface for the home page was designed to resemble a web page, with a series of windows and tiles that users can customize specifically for their particular role and workflow needs. The new notification module allows firm managers to set up custom rules and reminders for themselves and their employees. Additionally, managers and employees can set reminders for upcoming deadlines, and set notifications that send an email to clients, employees, or both for specific events, such as when:

  • a document is published or uploaded to the portal
  • a specific employee opens a specific document or logs into the system
  • a filing deadline or other crucial date is approaching
  • potentially fraudulent activities take place
  • workflows or documents are deleted

“New technology is allowing firms to offer a wider variety of services, and that means more processes and workflows to manage,” said Teresa Mackintosh, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Americas - Professional, Tax & Accounting. “GoFileRoom plays a central role in managing end-to-end workflow activities for the firm.

“The new homepage-style interface reflects the tax and accounting profession’s changing work dynamics, where more employees specialize in a few tasks or areas of expertise. And the reminders and notifications improve staff efficiency, ensure deadlines are met, and enhance communication among staff as well as with their clients.”

More information on GoFileRoom and its new features is available at