BNA Launches New Premier State Tax Library to Help Practitioners Navigate Ever-Changing State Tax Laws

Arlington, (Vir.) -- BNA Tax & Accounting has launched the Premier State Tax Library at a time when state and local taxation is growing in importance and complexity due to U.S. states’ efforts to generate new sources of tax revenues in the face of growing deficits and a sluggish economy.

“Our customers have expressed a great need for in-depth guidance on state tax transactions and issues. BNA has developed a unique state tax research library, offering practitioners one-stop access to leading state tax practitioners’ insights, detailed and comparative analysis, news and developments, practice tools, and primary sources,” says Darren McKewen, BNA Vice President and Group Publisher for BNA Tax & Accounting.

“We turned to leading state tax experts across the country to give CPAs, tax attorneys, and corporate tax professionals analysis and insights they can trust both on a state and topic level,” says BNA Tax & Accounting Executive Editor George Farrah. “That’s what makes BNA’s Premier State Tax Library unique when compared to other state tax research services. Practitioners get guidance that is thoroughly researched and cited; plus they get tools, such as chart builders and rate finders, to help reduce their research time in finding information that’s relevant to the transaction or issue they’re dealing with.”

BNA is known for its tax Portfolios, which uniquely give comprehensive background, analysis, sample transactions, and working papers on types of transactions and issues. The Premier State Tax Library offers Portfolios specific to state and sales and use taxes and also features analysis on a state-by-state basis as well as news and commentary, which can be tracked by state and type of transaction.

Online, interactive tools of the Premier State Tax Library include:

  • State Tax Portfolios, written by leading state tax practitioners to help practitioners compare and contrast state tax department positions; perform scenario analysis; defend previous tax positions and create money-saving tax plans.
  • State Tax Research Digest, organized by state with a standard Table of Contents, allows subscribers to quickly find answers to basic state tax questions with analysis supported by detailed citations to the relevant statutes and regulations. Summaries offer links to relevant State Portfolios, where subscribers will find expert analysis of the topic, planning points, examples, and state-by-state charts.
  • Weekly State Tax Report, an award-winning publication that offers insight on current events written by trained, experienced reporters/analysts; practical guidance from top practitioners with fully cited opinions, and special reports including the annual Survey of State Tax Departments.
  • NEW! Corporate Income Tax Chart Builder that can generate custom, quick-reference charts on I.R.C. conformity, Tax Rates, Apportionment, Filing Requirements, Unclaimed Property and more. Answers are supported by links to statutes or regulations and further expert analysis, and charts can be saved, sorted, edited, and exported.
  • State Tax Nexus Evaluator, a practice tool designed to help evaluate whether a company has nexus in a particular state. Practitioners can create projects and answer questions about specific activities in one or more states, generate client-ready reports, and save, edit, or copy projects.
  • Full Text of Statutes, Regulations, Rulings, and Cases; State Tax Forms.

A valuable feature of the Premier State Tax Library is the new Sales & Use Practice Area. This section features its own set of Portfolio guidance, a Sales & Use Tax Navigator, and practitioner commentary offering peer perspectives, planning points, real-world examples and trend analysis.

  • Sales & Use Tax Portfolios in which leading experts analyze sales tax information by topic, fostering understanding and allowing practitioners to learn from their experience.
  • Sales & Use Tax Navigator provides state-by-state coverage written by expert practitioners that goes beyond the basic summaries of the law. Organized by state, practitioners can find quick answers to state-specific questions with appropriate citations to primary source. Coverage includes Tax Rates, Taxable Base, Taxation of Service, Bundled Transactions, Filing Requirements, Taxation of Leases, and much more.
  • Sales & Use Tax Chart Builder enables practitioners to custom-build easy-to-read charts on tax rates, tax base, tax on services, exemptions, etc., including full citations to the supporting law (with links) and references to further analysis. Charts can be edited, exported, and saved.
  • Sales & Use Tax Monitor offers subscribers daily news covering all sales tax developments and future changes to sales and use tax rates as they’re approved. Subscribers can receive email highlights, personalize alerts by state and topics, and get notification when tax rates change.
  • Sales & Use Rate Finder allows subscribers to search thousands of state and local tax rates by zip code, city, county, and state. Users can export sales tax rates via email by selecting jurisdictions and schedule frequency in a variety of formats.

“Building the Premier State Tax Library has been about serving customer needs by leveraging BNA’s core strengths,” says Darren McKewen. “BNA provides the most practitioner-focused analysis, the largest team of correspondents providing the timeliest and most extensive news coverage, and the best tools to streamline and reduce research time.”

BNA’s Premier State Tax Library is featured on the BNA Tax & Accounting Center. For more information, call 800.372.1033, or go to

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