Thomson Reuters Kicks off Annual Users’ Conference for Professional Accounting Firms

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 29, 2010—Yesterday, the Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters demonstrated the new Mobile CS smartphone application, new UltraTax CS enhancements, and collaboration capabilities of Accounting CS at its 30th Annual Users’ Conference for Professional Tax and Accounting Firms.

“The customer base of the tax and accounting profession is beginning to see the impact of demographic shifts, as is the staff pool of the firm’s we serve today,” said Teresa Mackintosh, CPA.CITP, senior vice president and general manager, Americas–Professional. “Applications like Mobile CS show how we’re working to meet the demands of a new generation of tax and accounting professionals and clients who expect information to be available anytime, anywhere.”

In a joint keynote presentation to the nearly 1,000 participants, Mackintosh and Jon Baron, president, Americas, Tax & Accounting, discussed how mobile and cloud technology tools will be essential in the effort to make tax and accounting services relevant to a new generation of clients, as well as lowering operating costs, increasing productivity, and raising service levels.

Baron demonstrated the new Mobile CS application, showing how the new app gives Practice CS users access to key firm and client data on the go. He also indicated the future direction of a series of mobile technology advances the company has under development for clients of firms and alluded to how multi-touch technology, a staple of new devices, would begin to take shape in future development plans for CS Professional Suite and Enterprise Suite products.

Mackintosh introduced new UltraTax CS and Accounting CS enhancements that specifically help firms engage Generation X and Generation Y customers and help firms take advantage of the tremendous opportunity for growth these generations represent. She also demonstrated the powerful accountant-client collaboration capabilities made possible by the single-database architecture of Accounting CS–delivering on the promise of seamless connectivity between the firm’s accounting system and the client’s accounting system.

The professional firm conference began on Oct. 27 and includes three days of hands-on training, technology demonstrations, discussion of new ideas and insights in the tax and accounting profession, and workshops led by the profession’s sharpest minds. The conference will help tax and accounting professionals gear up for the future—and earn thousands of combined hours of CPE credit along the way.

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