iPhone App for Tracking Charitable Donations

There are hundreds of thousands of iPhone apps on the market, including many for financial management. But the new iDonatedIt app (www.iDonatedIt.com) was created by CPAs to help their clients, or anybody else, keep track of non-cash charitable deductions.

Created by BMG CPAs (www.bmgcpas.com), a Lincoln, Nebraska-based practice, the iDonatedIt app includes calculation and reporting features that are designed to help taxpayers determine the appropriate real value of donated items so that they can get the proper deduction for those donations. Whether dropping off a bag of clothes at the Salvation Army or giving furniture items to a charity sale, the iDonatedIt app makes it easy to keep good records of the donation, including the item, value, organization and date.

The app works with the iPhones, iPod Touchs and iPad, and is available at the Apple App Store. More info at www.iDonatedIt.com.