CPA Firm Adopts New Business Model & Advanced Technologies to Expand Nationwide

KNOXVILLE, TN – Lawhorn CPA Group, Inc., a technology-driven professional services CPA firm, announced today the launch of its new business model and brand. Formerly Lawhorn & Associates, PLLC, the firm recently incorporated and refined its business model to support nationwide expansion through subsidiary dual-ownership firms. Change in strategic direction sparked a complete overhaul of the firm’s brand, including a new logo.

“What we have developed is a very different model for firm acquisition,” explained Jason Lawhorn, CPA.CITP, MAcc, and president and CEO of Lawhorn CPA Group. “We look to prolong the professional career of CPAs by getting them out from under time-consuming compliance and administration work. This frees them to perform work that they are passionate about, and that clients find exceptionally valuable, such as strategic planning and consulting. Additionally, this model provides a guaranteed succession plan with a controlled transition when the CPA is ready to retire.”

Lawhorn CPA Group has long embraced advanced technologies to better serve their clients and maintain an efficient, paperless office. Secure web portals offer clients 24/7 access to financial documents, while the firm’s online software platform enables professional staff to access firm data and files remotely. Lawhorn’s technology platform and streamlined workflow structure are applied to newly acquired firms to standardize operations and support real-time communication across firm locations—eliminating the boundaries of time and distance.

“We recently acquired a firm in Jackson Hole, Wyoming,” stated Lawhorn. “Under our new business model, the firm was renamed Lawhorn Green CPA Group, Inc. The firmretains the original owner’s name, but is marketed under the Lawhorn brand. The original owner also maintains a certain percentage of ownership in the business in order to benefit from potential long-term growth until retirement.”

Jason Lawhorn and the other shareholders plan to expand the Lawhorn CPA Group brand nationwide over the next several years.

About Lawhorn CPA Group, Inc.
Lawhorn CPA Group is a boutique firm that provides clients with an array of integrated service options and adheres to a holistic team approach to client relationships and service. Services are provided within the firm’s advanced technology platform, enabling clients to enter data, access and print their financial documents, and upload files online through secure, personalized client portals. The Lawhorn team maintains a clear focus on convenience in service, education, and strategic planning in order to ensure their clients’ ongoing financial success.

Lawhorn CPA Group continues to identify and adopt new technologies to streamline processes and support automation of client services. More information on the firm is available at