What ScanSnap & Fujitsu are doing for Accountants

Over the past year Fujitsu ScanSnap has teamed up with SpeedTax, a provider of SaaS, fully-automated sales tax management solutions, in a strategic alliance aimed at educating and informing CPAs and accounting professionals about paperless, document management, cloud and SaaS solutions. Last June, Jim Bourke of WithumSmith+Brown authored a white paper titled “3 Key Tech Strategies of Successful 21st Century Accounting Firms”, underwritten by Fujitsu and SpeedTax, discussing how these technologies are making firms more successful.

Recently the alliance expanded to include XCM Solutions, a pioneer in delivering paperless workflow solutions to the accounting profession, and has dubbed itself The CloudSolutions Alliance. The main goal of The CloudSolutions Alliance is to provide firms of all sizes with solutions that not only integrate and form an end-to-end solution for clients, but also are simple and easy to implement regardless of firm size.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap team's most recent strategic initiative and the first as The CloudSolutions Alliance is a new study conducted by Bay Street Group. Managing partners, partners, senior executives and senior staff from Top 100 accounting firms participated in the survey, which shows that the best-managed, most successful firms are aggressively adopting Cloud, SaaS and document management solutions. The survey results show that firms are adopting these technologies in order to become more competitive, provider better client service, and improve client retention.

Bay Street Group’s top-line survey results show that:

  • Top 100 firms adopting both scanners and SaaS are seven times more likely than firms not adopting SaaS or scanners to be “highly focused on client needs and expectations.”
  • High Performing Top 100 firms are six times more likely than low performing firms to be aggressively adopting portable document scanners.
  • High Performing Top 100 firms are twice as likely as low performing firms to be aggressively adopting SaaS.
  • CPAs at Top 100 firms who adopt SaaS are more likely than SaaS non-adopters to agree that new technologies are changing client expectations. To be successful, accounting firms should be more technologically savvy and learn to adapt faster to changing business conditions.
  • SaaS adopters are more likely to achieve consistent and measurable increases in productivity, use the best software and equipment available, and automate workflow management.
  • Similarly, adopters of Portable Document Scanners are more likely to adopt new SaaS solutions, edge out the competition in adopting new technologies and automate workflow management as much as possible.

Small and mid-sized firms are really looking to the Top 100 firms to see what is and isn’t working. They’re also taking notice of the early technology adopters, and everywhere they turn they’re seeing and hearing about the Cloud, document management and “SaaS”. Over the past several months Fujitsu reports they've seen firms of all sizes benefit from adopting these new technologies – and their clients are receiving better service as a result of doing business with forward thinking firms.