Accounting Profession Veteran Donates Time & Resources to Promoting Anti-Bullying Campaign

YPSILANTI, MI - March 7, 2011 - Kristy Short, seasoned marketing and PR veteran within the accounting profession, today announced the launch of her new childrens book, OPERATION NICE, and supporting anti-bullying campaign. The book's anti-bullying theme targets elementary school-aged children, advocating the importance of kindness and positive behavior. Short plans to visit several schools in southeastern Michigan, offering readings and recruiting student "ambassadors" to promote OPERATION NICE.

"I've been very lucky with the success of my small business, and this is one way I can give back," Short said. "Bullying is a huge issue, and I am passionate about helping put an end to it."

Short is investing a great deal of time and money to promote the OPERATION NICE campaign. She is currently planning a lengthy speaking circuit, spanning numerous elementary schools across southeastern Michigan.

"I have two key messages in the book that I want kids to pick up on," Short explained. "First, bullying is never acceptable. Second, sometimes a bully can be a regular kid who is simply misunderstood. Overall, I want kids to walk away with the message that we should all be nice to each other."

OPERATION NICE is the second book in the Zanda series. The book features lead character, Zanda Humphrey, a fourth grade scientist. OPERATION NICE introduces Zanda's new invention, an anti-bullying machine-the BE-BOT (Bully Eliminator - Bio Optic Transformer).

Beyond promoting the book, Short's bigger mission is to start a viral anti-bullying campaign. While visiting each school, she will ask student ambassadors to continue promoting OPERATION NICE both inside and outside of school. As further incentive, students will receive an official Zanda Humphrey Ambassador certificate signed by Short and an OPERATION NICE badge.

"How great would it be if the kids I talk to continue to promote OPERATION NICE to their friends, other students, and families? That's my hope-to keep spreading the word and make being nice a standard in schools.and everywhere else," Short said.

Short's first visit on her reading circuit will be Paddock Elementary School in Milan, Michigan, on March 18, 2011 at 12:45 PM.

For more information on Kristy Short and the Zanda Humphrey book series, visit or the Zanda facebook page. Contact the author directly at

About Kristy Short & the Zanda Humphrey Series Kristy Short, Ed.D, has been writing stories for kids since she was a kid herself-creating her first book when she was in the 3rd grade. Also the author of The Dirt Bottom Holler Club, a young adult chapter book, she has a clear passion for writing creative stories about magical inventions and exciting adventures. At the heart of all her stories is a love and necessity for active, perpetual imagination.

The Zanda Humphrey series for young readers was created for Short's elementary school-aged nephew. In 2010, she was asked to participate in her nephew's school's "Mystery Reader" program, and when she wasn't able to identify a book she wanted to read, she wrote her own. Her first book, The Big Sweet Invention, showcased Zanda's Cake-o-Matic, a magic cupcake-making machine. Short even demonstrated the machine to students, complete with bubbling potions and rolling smoke. Described by students as "the best mystery reader ever," Short was asked to return this year. In response, she wrote OPERATION NICE.