Virtual Software Is Now SpringAhead

SAN FRANCISCO -- March 14, 2011 -- Virtual Software, the fastest online solution for time tracking, invoicing, expense reporting and project accounting announced today that it has changed its name to SpringAhead. The new name articulates the company’s vision to help customers work smarter and faster by eliminating redundant data entry and automating back office Team Management processes.

“We didn’t want a label that simply described what we make or what we do, we wanted a brand that expressed why we do it,” said Demid Potemkin, VP of Marketing of SpringAhead. “We speed up and simplify back office processes so our customers can focus on making a real difference doing the jobs they love. Everything we create is designed to save our customers time and enable them to deliver better results, reach goals ahead of schedule and grow the business efficiently. SpringAhead expresses our belief in a smarter way to work that achieves more and exceeds expectations.”

SpringAhead’s individual modules for time tracking, invoicing, expense reporting and project accounting simplify key back office processes by integrating seamlessly with customers’ existing accounting and payroll systems. Information is intuitively shared between applications to eliminate paperwork and manual entry errors. The company’s web-based platform can be accessed from anywhere, at any time using any browser. Online timesheets, automated invoices and on-demand reports get team and technology working together in perfect sync to save time, ensure accuracy and reduce costs by up to 90%.

About SpringAhead
SpringAhead is a Team Management System that integrates all your time, billing and expense processes into one easy-to-use online solution. Our company is dedicated to bringing enterprise-level employee productivity tools to the small and medium-sized business market. More info at