ALERE Accounting v7.0 Released

EASTON, PA – May, 2011– TIW Technology, is pleased to announce the release of ALERE Accounting v7.0 as the latest addition to the ALERE Business Applications family of products. ALERE Accounting v7.0 represents a major advance in accounting solution development. Three high profile features have in particular set this release apart from the rest of the field.

The DRP (Distribution Resource Planning) module’s purpose is to determine what is needed to replenish inventory at warehouses based on the criteria of what is in stock and what are the current and future demands. ALERE uses MRP, a time-phase order point approach, to calculate any necessary purchase orders to maintain sufficient inventory levels.

The Commissions Module manages the sales commission process by giving the user the tools to:

  • Designate who is eligible to earn commissions
  • Design rules governing which items qualify for commissions and at what rate
  • Calculate the commissions to be paid
  • Create a report listing those individuals who will receive payment through a payroll system
  • Create a payable for those individuals who do not receive payment through a payroll system

This module also provides a system for testing the rules before they are released for use.

ALERE Data Acquisition is not a module but a new addition to the ALERE Business Applications family of products. ALERE Data Acquisition comes embedded in ALERE and is key-activated.

Using either wedge scanners or those running under terminal services, ALERE Data Acquisition will help speed the entry of items on:

  • a sales order
  • a purchase order
  • shipping line items
  • receiving items
  • transferring items

Data Acquisition does all scanning in real time. Furthermore, it has the ability to scan large numbers of items being entered on a sales order and total the number of each individual item on a single line as opposed to the one scan/one line approach.

These are but a few of a truly large feature set that has been crafted into ALERE Accounting v7.0. If you would like to review all that ALERE v7.0 has to offer, please use the link below to download a copy of the 8-page, full-color ALERE Accounting v7.0 New Features booklet.

ALERE Accounting is widely recognized for offering many time and labor saving features that include:

  • Automatic period closings to relieve the pressure of monthly and yearly closings
  • A streamlined GL journal entry process
  • Quickly and easily record and process shipping and receiving order batches
  • Immediate information access anywhere in the product with the Data Browser or Fetch functions
  • A well-crafted drop ship process that is integral to the sales order process
  • Multi-Currency and VAT capabilities to support international sales and purchasing

All ALERE Business Applications products are modular, modifiable, scaleable and upgradeable. Additionally, ALERE Accounting seamlessly integrates with ALERE Manufacturing producing a true single-source ERP solution. For complete information on ALERE Accounting as well as a downloadable Product Tour CD and Trial Package, please visit the TIW website at:

Founded in 1983, TIW Technology Incorporated is the developer of the ALERE Business Applications software. TIW products are sold worldwide through a network of authorized resellers.