CPA Practice Advisor

April/May 2008

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Choosing A Printer

Do You Have Any Change?

IN-Firm Innovations At CES 2008

QuickBooks Job Costing When Using A Payroll Service

QuickBooks Job Costing When Using A Payroll Service

A Technology Curmudgeon’s Perspective On Innovation

Tax Technologies: Win, Lose Or Draw?

‘If It Ain’t Broken, Don’t Fix It!’

2008 Review of Tax Preparation Suites

Invested In Your Success

Is it Back to Green-Bar for the Profession?

Information Security And IT Governance Voted As Top Two Technology Initiatives For 2008!

2008 Review of Contractor/Construction Accounting Systems

Hardware Options That Aid Professionals

The Growth-Minded Accountant

Preventing Theft By Understanding Firewalls: Part I

Surface Computing – Imagine The Possibilities