TeleMoney Corp

TeleMoney Corp

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Toll Free: 855-DYNATAX

The web-based DynaTax® automated system allows self-employed users to make estimated tax payments via affordable weekly withdrawals that are set aside and timely remitted quarterly to IRS.

The multi-patent system eliminates:

- Payment shortfalls and penalties.

- Problems of last minute funding of large quarterly estimated tax payments.

- Unproductive and unbillable CPA time responding to IRS notices.

An estimated tax calculator parses large quarterly estimated tax payments into smaller weekly amounts that vary by quarter, helping clients budget their own cash flow. 

Flexibility in system allows users to re-calculate money weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. 

Secure system will automatically enroll a user with EFTPS, obtain EFTPS pin number, link a funding source to an impound account, submit payment thru EFTPS, and provide EFTPS payment confirmation.

Year-end summary reporting provides the entire year’s quarterly estimated tax payments with EFTPS payment confirmation, making it easier to prepare client annual tax returns.

Future system release will have dedicated CPA portal to access client activity. Beta user input invited to optimize CPA ease of use by design.