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Do you have clients asking you "Can I retire" or "When can I retire" or "What do I need to be saving to retire"?  If so you need this program to quickly and easily give them the answer.  The visual nature of the program makes it easy to learn and easy to show your clients the answers to their questions.  "Will you run out of money"?

Enter info on their projected expenses and goals and then see how their social security, pensions, investments and other income items will be used to meet those needs.  Take into account taxes and inflation.  Factor in other income items like part-time job, rental properties, sale of business, downsizing home, inheritances, life insurance, annuities, multiple pensions, etc.  

This program is very flexible and covers almost any retirement income planning case.

Retirement Savings Planner - Professional

Retirement Savings Planner - Professional

From Torrid Technologies Inc.