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BizActions is known for being the "Best in Class" electronic newsletter solution by providing the most effective, efficient, and flexible way to enhance relationships, retain clients and generate leads.  What does BizActions include?

  • Content: Our useful and interesting content has made us the e-Newsletter of choice for hundreds of industry leaders across the US and Canada.
  • Superior Deliverability: One of the highest for getting your e-Newsletter to your recipient's inbox.
  • E-mail Radar: Our advanced, e-mail marketing application with a pre-built library of drip campaigns.
  • Master Accounts: Easily manage multiple e-Newsletters to deliver targeted, custom content to specific and/or separate audiences.
  • Inbox Insight: Take the mystery out of email formatting with Inbox Insight. Available in both the Send Single Email (newsletter) and Send Test Email (email radar) features.
  • Dashboard: Our powerful computer desktop tool that lets you deliver your e-Newsletter directly to your clients/customers desktip, bypassing e-mail.
  • Reporting: Without solid click-thru data, you're still just guessing about readership of your newsletters.
  • Online Tax Guide: Branded to your firm and updted with fresh information and tax changes.
  • Survey Tool: Gather the opinions that you can use to drive your company's direction toward future success.
  • Social Media Marketing: BizActions makes it as easy as a mouse click for your newsletter recipients to capture one of your articles and link to it with our proprietary tiny URL application and post it on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Top-Noth Customer Support and Service: We do not soutsource our customer service. It is North American based, with individual reps assigned to accounts, live training and a library of video tutorials.
  • No software to install: If you've got an Internet connection and a web browser you can create and send an electronic newsletter with BizActions.
BizActions Acquired by Thomson Reuters

BizActions Acquired by Thomson Reuters

March 21, 2012
Isaac M. O'Bannon

Isaac M. O'Bannon

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BizPro Email Newsletters

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