Some Handy Little Browser Tricks

These have nothing to do with accounting, they’re just great little things I learned about a few weeks ago and make working online so much easier!

For what it’s worth, the browser I use is Chrome, so I can’t speak to whether some of these work in any others.

  • Hitting CTRL + Enter adds .com to the end of any word in the URL bar. [Ed. Note: This also works in FireFox and I.E.]
  • Use this link to turn your browser into a notepad (I’m a huge copy/paste person, but am not always as ready as I THINK I am to paste, so this helps!). I just have it right on my Chrome bookmarks bar: (Also works in FF, but not I.E.]
  • Use to have Twitter mentions automatically posted to a google spreadsheet. Easy way to monitor what’s being said about you, your company, your brand.
  • Link to a specific point in a YouTube video – this will come in very handy, now that we’ve gone all video for The QB Show! You just put #t= to the end of the video URL, along with m for the minute, s for the second. For instance: will take you directly to the point in our show where we’re doing a screen share.

Hope you enjoy – just a few things I wanted to share!

- - - - -

Stacy forgot to mention that her RadioFreeQB program has changed it's name! Introducing TheQBShow. Check it out.