Ranking the Top Business Brands in the U.S.

Some brands are iconic, like Disney, Microsoft and Google. Others are just as well-known, but perhaps less respected, like some fast food or alcohol and tobacco companies. While others have an even lower impression... think Enron? But which brands do small businesses trust the most?

In the latest annual survey by The Business Journals, a few major names have traded places and a few have taken a further dip. Amazon took the top spot, passing Apple as the top-ranked business brand among small and mid-sized U.S. companies. Likewise, FedEx bested fellow shipping provider UPS in their category.

When it comes to computer manufacturers, Dell has dropped several slots. The survey of 1,6000 business owners has been conducted for more than a decade. This year's top brands:

Top 25 Brands

  1. Amazon
  2. Apple
  3. Google
  4. Microsoft
  5. Southwest Airlines
  6. FedEx
  7. Intel
  8. Samsung
  9. HP
  10. UPS Store
  11. UPS
  12. Dropbox
  13. Marriott Hotels
  14. Visa Business Credit Card
  15. FedEx Office
  16. Courtyard by Marriott
  17. Staples
  18. American Express OPEN
  19. Adobe
  20. Visa
  21. Hilton Garden Inn
  22. Citrix GoToMeeting
  23. Square
  24. Vanguard
  25. Cisco

{Source: The Business Journals}