10 Awesome Inbound Marketing Tactics

Today, there are more opportunities than ever before for partners or subject matter experts to become online superstars. Even your firm’s reluctant rainmakers now have the chance of a lifetime to showcase their thought leadership, and in the process, to help the firm build new business.

The fact is that when prospects search on line for solutions to their problems, part of the solution they’re looking for is a person – not just a company – that can help them solve their problem. That’s why it’s important, regardless of whether you’re a brilliant technical partner or a sales superstar, that you take advantage of every opportunity and tactic possible to increase your visibility.

Increased visibility will not only differentiate you from competitors, it will help search engine rankings and in turn, getting found first, bringing people to your web site, and then converting site visitors to leads.

So, here are 10 inbound marketing tactics for partners that will send you on your way to superstardom:

  1. Create and optimize a website bio that tells a great story, using keywords related to your subject matter and industry expertise. Note to the marketing department: do this for all of your owners, partners and subject matter experts!
  2. Kick butt on LinkedIn: superstars keep their profile updated, specify their skills, ask for referrals and skills recommendations, link back to their web site, promote blogs and offers, and get involved in LinkedIn groups to raise their visibility through participation
  3. BLOG!!! - Owners and partners that are superstars do lots (and lots) of blogging on their subject matter expertise
  4. Superstars use call to action buttons on their bio page that link to all of their blog posts so visitors can then do a deeper dive on their thought leadership
  5. Superstars generate leads right from their web bios by putting a “contact me” call to action button, and other call to action buttons linking their content like white papers to a landing page. The landing page requires the visitor to complete a form, and once done and submitted, you’ve got a lead!
  6. Videos rock! Superstar owners or partners do short videos on key issues or pains their prospects or client are facing, post them to the website, and optimize them for search ability on YouTube
  7. Slide shows and power point presentations rock too! Superstars post these to their website and slide sharing sites, and make sure that they are titled correctly to help make key word strategies more effective.
  8. Got niche? If your website showcases services or industry niches, then make sure that owners and partners are linked from those pages to their bios.
  9. With Great Content Comes Great Visibility - Superstar owners and partners are always generating content that can be used for showcasing thought leadership, for making key word strategies more effective, and for lead generation
  10. Superstar owners and partners are great communicators and contributors to industry dialogue though activities like guest blogging, tweeting, participating in conversations in Linked groups, Facebook, and on community social media sites.

Conventional wisdom, especially in the accounting industry, is that in order to become a superstar you need to be great at sales, do great work for clients, build a personal network of referral sources (who beat you on the golf course by your choice), join the Chamber and Rotary, and deliver lofty thoughts at trade association conferences.

Now this is all great stuff that works, but today, now more than ever, becoming a superstar involves complementing these traditional personal marketing strategies with a solid inbound personal marketing strategy. I can’t promise that you’ll become so famous that you’ll need to trademark your name, but it’s a good bet that with inbound marketing (along with time and persistence), you’ll become a “go to” thought leader and a superstar new business developer.


Alan Vitberg is Owner of VitbergLLC, an award winning marketing agency for professional services, and HubSpot’s 2012 Vertical Marketing Agency of the Year. Click on the button for some fresh marketing ideas, contact them here, or call Alan at 585 425 2552.