Gadget bonus ideas for the new year: Dec. 30: An elegant, all-natural laptop case

From the Tech Views blog.

Here comes the new year, and if you're still looking for a few post-holiday deals on gadgets, I've got a few more ideas that I'll post each day until New Year's Eve!

 An Elegant Way to Carry Your Laptop

Most latop cases are boring plasstic or leather designs that all look the same. The Booq Mamba Courier series, however, gives professionals an elegant messenger-style shoulder bag that was specifically designed to carry all of a professional's tech essentials in style.

The cases have an exterior construction made of innovative natural fibers that are all-natural, waterproof and organically dyed. The result is a smooth but rugged feel that is extremely lightweight and strong, providing a luxuriously rugged elegance.

The inside of the cases include dense padding to protect the gear, and each one comes with a Terralinq serial number that helps you recover your bag if it is lost.

(; From $99)


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