Gadget bonus ideas for the new year: Dec. 26: Make Home Security More Convenient

From the Tech Views blog.

Here comes the new year, and if you're still looking for a few post-holiday deals on gadgets, I've got a few more ideas that I'll post each day until New Year's Eve!

Make Security More Convenient

Wish it was as easy to unlock your front door as it is to just click to unlock your car? Whether you're in a hurry or your hands are full of groceries, sometimes digging for the door key is a hassle.

The SimpliciKey gives the convenience of a clicker for your deadbolt, providing people with multiple options to easily lock and unlock their homes with the push of a button.

The key fob works from up to 50 feet away, allowing you to click it while still in your car or walking up, and also allows you to give remote access to service professionals, friends or neighbors when you can't be there.

It also has a wireless keypad that can store up to 16 different user codes. Of course, it also can use a traditional key. (; $249)


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