35 days of tech gifts countdown: Day 9: Keep your tablet cozy, comfy and fashionably unique

From the Tech Views blog.

Let the countdown continue... It's the gift-giving season, and I'm here to give some gadget options for those on your gift list (even yourself). This series will last through the holidays.

Day 9: Keep Your iPad Cozy, Comfortable and Fashionable

The case for your iPad, tablet or phone doesn't have to be boring. As evidence, I present Art Bird Cozy Sleeves, a collection of unique and artful cases in styles that include bird designs (of course), as well as flowers, retro phones, travel themes, collages and others. All of the cases are made with thick neoprene lining with cozy cotton flannel that will make your iPad or tablet the most comfortable and best-dressed, while sporting the awesome, retro-style art.

Fits all iPad and iPad Mini models, Kindle Fires and DX, Galaxy, Xooms, BlackBerry PlayBooks and virtually all other tablets. There are also multiple options for iPhones, iPod Touch and iPod Classic, Android phones, BlackBerry devices and other phones. (www.ArtBird.com; From $29.95)


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