35 Days of tech gift ideas countdown... #11: Extra Power on the Go

From the Tech Views blog.

Let the countdown continue... It's the gift-giving season, and I'm here to give some gadget options for those on your gift list (even yourself). This series will last through the holidays.

Day 11: Extra Power on the Go

Whether you use an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or other mobile device, it seems like power supply is always an issue. But with the Duracell Rechargeable Instant USB charger, you can have hours of extra battery life always on-hand.

The rechargeable power system works with any device, including phones and tablets, that have a mini USB port that allows charging, giving devices between three and 35 hours of extra life.

It comes with a universal charging cable and is about one third the size of an iPhone, making it an easy bring along item when exploring the outdoors, or to keep in the car just in case.

(www.duracell.com; Also at major retailers from $30)


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