35 Days of Tech Gifts countdown #16: Conquer the Cold

From the Tech Views blog.

Let the countdown continue... It's the gift-giving season, and I'm here to give some gadget options for those on your gift list (even yourself). This series will last through the holidays.

Day 16: Conquer the Cold

For winter outdoor enthusiasts, or those who face the extreme cold for work, keeping your hands warm is not just an issue of comfort, it’s a matter of safety. The new Chaval Response-XRT gloves include a built-in rechargeable heating element that’s as simple to use as charging a phone, and includes “alphaHEAT technology that automatically adjusts glove temperature to any specified heat level. The state-of-the-art thermal system doesn't use wires, it uses flat, conductive traces to transmit power inside the glove.

The charge lasts all day, up to three times longer than other brands. These may be high tech, but make no mistake, they’re ready for serious work, and are hand-stitched from high quality, durable leather.

(www.ChavalUSA.com; $389)


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