SmartVault Integrates with QuickBooks Online—Fantastic!

From Darren's blog, My Perspective.

The awaited SmartVault integration with QuickBooks is now available—allowing QuickBooks Online users to attach and view source documents (such as receipts, bills, and invoices) directly from within QuickBooks Online. This is great news for firms because the integration supports a completely digital and collaborative accounting workflow.

Eric Pulaski, founder and CEO of SmartVault, stated, “QuickBooks Online is experiencing record growth as small businesses are looking to adopt an online accounting system that gives them access to their data whenever they need it. Integrating that availability with anytime-anywhere access to source documents delivers a true paperless office and literally transforms the way businesses operate.”

If the profession is to stay on the right track and maintain a commitment to collaborative accounting in a SaaS-based model, paper cannot re-enter the equation. I believe that QuickBooks Online will be the number-one accounting product in the near future.

This means that online document management is a necessity for firms if they are to maintain a completely digital, paper-free, and collaborative workflow. SmartVault’s one-of-a-kind integration with QuickBooks Online is key to achieving this. The integration with SmartVault will also propel QBO from a great product to a must-have.

For more information on SmartVault for QuickBooks Online, visit the company’s website.