35 Days of Tech Gift Ideas countdown... #33: A Powerful Portable Projector

From the Tech Views blog.

It's the gift-giving season, and I'm here to give some gadget options for those on your gift list (even yourself). This series will last through the holidays.

Let the countdown continue...

Day 33: A Powerful Portable Projector

http://www.everythingusb.com/images/list/acer_c120_dlp_projector_plugged_news.jpgMobile professionals often need a projector, but they always pose a challenge in airport travel and it’s just inconvenient to have to lug an extra case around.

The Acer C120 USB Projector is the solution. It’s travel-friendly size is about as big as one iPhone (and the thickness of two), and the C120 instantly connects to a laptop or PC and is a great fit for travelers, providing up to 1280x800 resolution and 100 Lumens of brightness.

(www.Acer.com; $259.99)

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